The most awkward part of the site is this section called about. How the hell do I describe myself when I am still discovering myself? I would hate to be known by the profession I am in by saying I’m an advertising guy or a branding guy. However, I believe in the saying that ‘you can take a man out of advertising but can never take advertising out of him’. True to a great extent as your view of life changes if you have been in advertising. Having spent little over two decades in advertising and branding, it’s become inherent to learn, seek, understand more about this world around. Branding exposes you to a life that is otherwise unimaginable and you get to learn about many aspects of business, commerce, people, culture, places, products, markets, consumers, media and the list can be exhaustive.

Over the years I have developed an innate desire to view life and perceive it the way it is. Sounds philosophical but simply put life in a way is what you perceive it to be. Isn’t it? My interest is in exploring this world not merely places or people but the multidimensional nature of everything around that evokes certain interest in me. Riding, Photography, Reading, Music, Conversations, are among the many things that satiate this interest. Perhaps, going forward I may add to the list.

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