Haleem – Break fast at sunset

During Ramzan

By In stories

The month of Ramzan is the best time to visit Hyderabad. The food post breaking fast at dusk is awesome, and Haleem takes the cake

Haleem is a traditional dish cooked commonly during the month of fast – Ramzan. It’s made out of wheat, barley and meat with a generous dose of necessary spices. It is slow cooked for about eight hours before being served. The taste of Haleem is so good that once you experienced it, you will never forget it. Haleem is paste-like in consistency, more like porridge. Though the look of the dish is not very appealing, once you take a spoon, you will not stop. You will find that post breaking the fast for the day, most Muslim men throng roadside stalls for a bowl of Haleem. After having it themselves, they pack some for the family back home. While traditionally, the dish is among the rituals during the month of Ramzan, in Hyderabad, you will notice that everyone begins to enjoy this dish. Across the city makeshift, you will notice these bhattis (a cauldron covered with bricks and mud kiln) installed outside small cafes daunting the city. While it was introduced to Hyderabad by the Arabs during the Nizam rule, tidy Haleem has become the commonplace of all people. The dish is so popular that to cater to the demand of white meat eaters and vegetarians, Haleem can be found in chicken and vegetarian variants. Sometimes I wonder, the very essence of the dish is lost when public demand dictates the very make of the product, and Haleem is a great example. Therefore, when you happen to visit Hyderabad, make sure you ask for mutton Haleem for an authentic taste.

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