Red robes & saffron wraps

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With red robes & saffron wraps, the monks walk into the prayer hall

The Tibetan monastery, popularly known as The Golden Temple at Coorg, is a wonderful place to experience the discipline of Buddhist monks. Situated over a small hill settlement called “Bylakuppe” is one of the largest teaching centers of Tibetan Buddhism in the world, near Kushal Nagar, Madikeri in Karnataka. I happened to reach there at around 1 pm, which was prayer time for the monks. Hence, I was not allowed to step inside the temple to take a closer look at the golden Buddha. However, one could see the process of assembly for the prayer and the actual prayer offered by the monks. What I have captured here are some glimpses of the monks walking into the temple and performing their prayers.

The place was high on energy, and the hymns of Buddha filled the air. There was low lighting inside the temple; and in the absence of a tripod, there was a limitation on the quality of photography.


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  1. Sandhya September 23, 2017

    Isn’t there something deeply contemplative above pictures with monks? Like your cover photo quite a bit

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